Local Sponsor in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & UAE

Our Sponsorship Management Services comprises a highly talented individual with a wealth of sponsorship experience and related skills gained from both brand and rights – holder background. He is a highly qualified individual with a vast experience in the United Arab Emirates business environment and is a leader to many organizations seeking sponsorship. Interface Services mainly specializes in providing high quality advice and practical assistance and implementing sponsorship management services , Our local sponsorship a choice of strength and study growth

  • Professional and qualified individual.
  • Well-connected in the Business Community.
  • Sponsor to many Multi- national companies and SMEs.
  • Linguistic , reliable and always on time.
  • Business Companion to our associates.

Support in case of Hassel in the Government documentation approvals  and other tussles.

Corporate nominee sponsorship

Corporate nominee sponsorship can be availed by all limited liability companies across the UAE. The sponsor in such a case should be a corporate entity instead of an individual.

Important benefits of local partner being an entity and not an individual is that the difference of personal relationship based traditional sponsorship to agreement based new system. The entity that acts as nominee are built with a board of directors and holds power of attorney to act on behalf of the Company.

Thus, from the standpoint of corporate governance, for transparency and other factors, this implies sundry benefits for a foreign party, one of the most important ones being succession planning. Companies, while entering the market, often worry about the accountability of a local partner – as to the ramifications of the local partner changing his/her mind. With a corporate entity, the contractual terms still hold, thus imparting more robustness to the arrangement vis-à-vis having an individual national as the local partner. A nominee arrangement shall be executed.


The misconducts in the market:

  1. No access to sponsor: There are many business owners in the market who do not have access to the local sponsor directly but through and PROs/consultants/lawyers. In such cases, the relationship between the PROs/consultants/lawyers and the client is crucial.
  2. Busy/unavailable sponsors: There are sponsors works in busy schedules and not available when required.
  3. E-signature card: Most of the company owners are not registered with labor department thus sponsors e-signature card is required for applying for work permits.

Our Corporate and Local sponsorship option wipes out all the above misconducts!

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Core Benefits of Our Local Sponsorship Services in UAE

Our in-house expert provides a high level of consultancy matched by unparalleled attention to detail. Each client is given dedicated service and customized solutions which are especially matched to their unique needs and objective. At Interface Services, we implement a hands-on approach to give immediate resolutions to each client’s challenges and expedite the process.

We exhaust all our resources to make sure we find the most suitable local sponsor for your business. Whether you need a local sponsor in Abu Dhabi or in Dubai Mainland, we will connect you with an eligible and secure sponsor who will help launch your business in the UAE.

Rest assured that throughout the process, Interface Services will uphold and protect the privacy of both parties in line with our strict confidentiality protocols. Our team will provide you with all the documentation you need in order to protect your rights and business, while ensuring you get the full benefits of your company set-up and trade license within your business zone.

Leverage our wide network of sponsors in UAE

By partnering with Interface Services, our clients are able to leverage our industry leadership and in-depth market knowledge. We have formed and cultivated numerous partnerships in the country, allowing us to build an extensive network of local sponsors with great interest in developing the local economy and helping starting entrepreneurs.