About us

Interface Services is among the most professional and leading one – stop – shop Business setup and facilitation service provider in UAE. We ensure that we only work with the highest level of quality and always maintain the same regard for confidentiality. Our company goal is to exceed your expectations and to promote growth and development through turnkey solutions in the United Arab Emirates by providing world class infrastructure and business opportunities. The continuous improvements of our business in new applications and our commitment to develop unique and innovative solutions allows us to maintain highest levels of competency and a leading market position to help you establish and conduct business tension free in UAE.

Why to choose us?

The Company :

Interface Services  have always thrived to improve the quality and productivity at International standards while engaging with Clients in incorporating new Company and rendering various other PRO related services. We not only assist in setting up a license but we also advise clients globally to be an advisory partner for incorporation of new license in UAE.

Our Head Office in  Abu Dhabi ,  branch office in Dubai and representative office in northern emirates have given us an opportunity to serve our clients in all  the emirates of UAE  with the standardized quality of services . We are ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 10001:2007 certified in Quality management system and customer satisfaction which has made us always the better and preferred choice for the Business Owners and Corporates.

The Sponsor and CEO :

Our Local Sponsor and CEO  is highly talent individual with a wealth of sponsorship experience and related skills gained from both brand and rights. He is highly qualified individual  with a vast experience in the United Arab Emirates Business environment, well connected  and a leader to many organizations seeking Sponsorship. He is linguistic , always available , on time and a business promoter . So, any company or business organization looking to setup in UAE our local sponsor (or Corporate Sponsor)  is the best choice.


The Interface Services Team :

  • Experienced  , Professional and Highly qualified individuals .
  • 10 years of proven track records.
  • Members of International Business Summits and Events  .  
  • Registered more than 5000 companies in UAE .Clear pricing,  We ensure you know exactly what you are paying for without any hidden costs.
  •  Impartial Consultation,  Our dedicated team provide free impartial consultations so that you end up with the best licensing solution that’s tailored to your needs.
  • Interface services Team Abu Dhabi and Interface services team  Dubai and Northern Emirates are always in competitions to be the “ better choice  “ , we thrive to exceed your expectations.

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